Celebrating 2020

3 min readDec 30, 2019


It’s D-2 before the new year. I believe everyone is creating some new year’s resolution and starting to do something new in their lives, isn’t it? Worry not, because I do. It’s always great to start new things in the new year because it can be a fresh kickstart and our motivation level is at the highest.

However, I always think that better not to start everything perfectly, especially on 1st January. Why? Because it’s also the time when you are going to feel very disappointed if things don’t go well as what you’ve planned. Therefore, I choose to enjoy and celebrate 1st January with something that I love and enjoy with (for example: eating comfort food, hang out with your loved one — instead of exercising or working. Please note that exercising would be other’s favorite things to do, but not mine tho…). I believe it would be a great start because your heart is full of joy and peace, and those happy-flowery-feeling will be a great booster to start the year.

Looking back to all bittersweet memories in 2019, I call this year as the most challenging yet full of learning. I call it challenging — especially, mid-year — because there were many problems, firing almost every aspect of my life, starts from career, relationship, family, and personal. Pig year apparently doesn’t bless its clan for getting good fortune. Hence, this year is also a great learning curve to practice more gratitude toward simple things that happened upon me.

Every story has two sides, depends on which side you are looking at

I’m grateful for 2019. It has been a great year, same as the previous year 2018, 2017, … and so on, with different dramas and stories. It’s life tho so I couldn’t expect everything will go smoothly or else I could freak out. Some highlights in 2019:

1. Meeting new people

First Jan 2019, I joined a new team and roles. Meet some new friends that happened to be my close friends. Moreover, working as a recruiter create the opportunity to interact with new people every day.

2. Learning to accept things that can’t be changed

As I’ve written earlier in the previous post, working as a recruiter is quite challenging and is merely supported by a luck factor. When a candidate declines the offer, when the-only-hope-candidate withdraws from the application, remember that we couldn’t force the situation. It is no one’s fault and we just need to go back to the square one.

3. Dealing with the quarter-life crisis

Yes, the crisis is real and strikes me quite hard. Continuing study or focusing career? Tough choice, but in the end, I choose a career and I already put my heart on HR areas so here I am

4. Adjusting to a long-distance relationship

I’m the LDR fighter since June 2019 lol. It’s not an easy journey but we try our best to maintain the relationship. My partner and I learn to communicate better, address problems better, and appreciate the moment when we’re together physically.

So, I’m excited for 2020 and may the force be with us.