Appreciation Post

Thank You People!

2 min readOct 23, 2019

I turned 24 years old exactly one week ago and time has passed very fast. I still remember the happiest moment and euphoria that I felt last week and it made me feel so good. At this moment, I just want to show my gratitude because God has been so good to me all the time.

First of all, I would like to thank God for His blessing and generosity to adding 1 year of my life span. Being alive is one of God’s greatest gift and I am so thankful because God is so good. Imagine thousands of happy and sad moments that you will go through in a year and I’m looking forward to it

Second, my family. Dad, mom, and sisters teach me about what unconditional love is. Loving someone without expecting anything in return — that is family. Even though we often fight and debate about things, I know for sure that they will still love me anyway and will never leave me.

Third, my boyfriend who used to be a stranger then become one of the most important ones in my life. He flew to Jakarta just for celebrating my birthday and I couldn’t ask for more. His love and care make me full and I just felt loved. We did all our date routine — eating, movies, cafe hopping, holding hands — when he was here and realized how precious those moments when we are bound in time. I love you, babe!

Fourth, my two travel mates— you know who you are — who have been very sweet in supporting me through good and bad times. Knowing to have someone that I can rely on is the best things ever and I couldn’t ask for more better friends than you

Fifth, my funny-yet-salty office colleagues. Our focus group discussion routine is the best and really motivated me to go to the office every day. They calm me and support me. Knowing my struggle when I went through all rejection. I think they are the best team that I ever have in my life so far.

And you know other people that I can’t mention one by one that always supports me in my life journey. I just want to say thank you… thank you! You all have been very nice to me and wishing you to live happily